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Life lesson: never say anything definitive about the weather. Ever.

youreamassivecunt: Hello! I hope you don't mind getting this kind of question! I'm a British illustration student, I'm about to finish my pre-degree I Art and Design specialising in illustration and this September I start my degree. I'm a big fan and I love your work so I wondered if you have any advice on what you do? Particularly getting yourself started from someone no one knows about to someone people do? Again, your work and your blog make me really smile. Thanks x

I kept forgetting to answer this but this is what I’ve got now finally.
I think the biggest thing to think of now is that there is a lot of time between starting your degree and finishing. Besides that I would definitely recommend taking any opportunity you can. I took so many internships and volunteer opportunities and those have been some of the best and most informative experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone functions as an artist differently and you’ll find what works for you too, but it helps to see what others are doing and kind of cherry pick from them what you like or think you’d like. But like I said the biggest thing is to do what you like or what you know would be good for you and do a lot of it.



Anonymous: Hi. What do you use to create your art? Kind regards, anon =]

More often than not I use mechanical pencil , sharpie pen, and Watercolors or color pencil



watercolor paper is expensive but I hate using watercolor on mixed media paper