my phone is a piece of doodoo so I can’t do much with the progress shot thing right now, but I might be getting a new one here soon.

I’m working on like 12 things at once and I (feel like) am a crazy person.

Anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wondering, what brand of tools and materials do you rely on most? I'm looking to buy some new equipment and I'd love to know what paints you use, the colours are gorgeous.

I have a fancy mechanical pencil my parents gave me a couple years ago for drafting, then I use sharpie pens or microns to outline. I use grumbacher watercolors with one brush I’ve used for 4 years and like two or three I got recently more for lining and some other detail or wash work. If I want something dark I use sumi ink. If I do highlights or stars I use white out pens. I also use copic markers a lot and sometimes colored pencils. I adjust contrast and such in photoshop too after it’s all finished, but the watercolors are usually pretty good on their own, its more to just correct the scan quality. Nothing too complex just what I’ve made work and have gotten used to!