Anonymous: you are such a lovely artist, and I once saw whilst stalking your archive that you like pianos become the teeth yay

That band changed my life. Thats a bit obtuse but really between listening to them, seeing them and talking to them my life has been better, even if it’s been a little bit.


Anonymous: I love your art and wish I could afford it :(

if you can’t afford it, I strongly encourage you save it and print it off and hang it wherever the hell you want. I mostly have prints available for sale because money is nice when you can get it and I have bills, but really if you want one of my pictures hanging in your room, I will not be offended by your just taking it straight from tumblr and hanging it up. (I’m pretty sure some people do that anyway and its okay!)


Anonymous: I wish I could express all these feelings through your hands, like if my words could guide your hands in the dark to make something right out of my heart

Sometimes I feel like the things i make aren’t for me. So maybe theres a chance at that. Otherwise I would strongly suggest making things for yourself. Even if you don’t really have the talent for it, making things will always make you feel something, usually positive.




The sun is out and I want to be so much.






So I really liked the city I drew last night so I made it available as a phonecase and a shirt, even if you guys don’t buy it I probably will. :0

Also things are still $5 off and free shipping if you use this link!

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